Consulting Services

In a world filled with consultants, I appreciate the work of Frontline Solutions and their commitment to authentic processes that produce real outcomes.

Ashley Shelton, Dir. of One Voice Louisiana

We provide consulting services to nonprofits, philanthropic institutions, government sector entities and other organizations in the broader social change sector. Services include:

Project Management & Strategy Advisement

  • Idea cultivation and the creation of tangible ingredients needed to turn your idea into reality.
  • Superb relationship development and connector capacity across the social sector.
  • Effective use of resources through budget management and contractor supervision.
  • Clear and consistent communications between partners, consultants, and/or clients.
  • Strategy advisement and support for development, board engagement, talent recruitment, vision-setting, and more.

Convening Design and Facilitation

  • Program design for conferences, workshops, meetings, and virtual events.
  • Facilitation to ensure participant engagement, conversation focus,  time efficiency, and tracking decisions and next steps.
  • Focus groups for institutional learning about specific population sets or issues.
  • Participatory research projects that engage community in shared learning processes.

Research & Analysis

  • Case studies and evaluations that examine progress and effectiveness
  • Asset mapping of public resources, philanthropic entities, experts, and stakeholders related to a specific issue.
  • Landscape analyses produced through the use of available data, qualitative research, and literature reviews.
  • Projects that produce and leverage work within the academic sector.
  • Participatory research that engages community members or institutions in shared learning processes.