Our Approach

Frontline Solutions is a one-of-a-kind consulting firm that provides convening design & facilitation, research & analysis, project management, and strategy advisement services to institutions working for the greater good.

Like many of our peers and affiliates, we want our work to be impactful. And we know that the consulting services we offer— convening design and facilitation, research and analysis, project management, and strategy advisement —do not guarantee change by themselves. They must be steered by the right theory of change.

So we’ve developed a simple and broad approach: helping people and organizations engagelearn, and growIn our view, these three components are essential for change. Regardless of the project we undertake, we want our partners—individuals, institutions, networks—to strategically engage with the right individuals or groups; learn and apply valuable data and relevant information; and experience smart, sustainable growth. Optimally, these processes occur at the same time.

Our core values, consulting services, expertise, and organizational investments in leadership development are applied throughout in this process.

Consider some brief examples:

  • Frontline had the opportunity to plan a W. K. Kellogg Foundation convening through which the funder engaged 75 young men of color from throughout the country. This meeting helped inform Kellogg’s framework for investing in life outcome improvements for young men of color.
  • For two years, Frontline managed a community engagement process for the Philadelphia School District. Through the initiative, the school district learned from and applied the input of parents on making school reform decisions. Along the way, Frontline’s engagement enlisted parents and community leaders who took up the charge to help build a better school system for the city’s youth.
  • Our social innovation efforts, led by partner and UNC Clinical Assistant Professor of Social Innovation Micah Gilmer, has helped create and grow a more supportive environment for social entrepreneurship at a state university.

Frontline’s hands-on, trust-building approach made the grantees feel comfortable enough to share what they really needed. . . . Their diligence and commitment allowed us the opportunity to really hear and support the needs of our grantees, beyond our original funding model.

Renée Joslyn, Philanthropic Advisor, who partnered with Frontline on Tides Africa Fund