Frontline Solutions

We are a consulting firm passionate about changing the world. From equity issues to social innovation, we help you develop strategy for the greatest impact.

Our team is comprised of scholars, activists, researchers, artists, and even a few rebels. We attract and invest in leaders. We work to expand opportunity for all by applying a critical understanding of race, place, class, and gender to all of our services.

Core Values

Our core values simply reflect who we are and what we care about. They shape the culture of our firm, support our long-term vision, and drive decision-making.

Consulting Services

We provide consulting services to nonprofits, philanthropic institutions, government sector entities and other organizations working for the greater good.


Social change efforts require thoughtful inquiry at every stage. How do we define a field and what are its best practices? What knowledge gaps need to be filled? Who are the stakeholders, community and experts to engage in the process?