HPJ Fellowship FAQ

Is this Fellowship paid?

Yes, fellows are paid $15 per hour. However, we encourage applicants to work with their universities and career services departments to identify additional funding sources for the summer.

Fellows will responsible for the costs of transportation to their internship site for the summer, as well as food, and local transportation for the summer. Each Fellow will participate in at least one work trip during the summer for which Frontline will pay all travel, accommodation, and food expenses.

How many Fellows will be selected?

The number of fellows in 2017 will depend upon our upcoming projects and the applicant pool for the fellowship.

If selected, how much choice do I have over which office I work in?

We want to accommodate your needs and preferences for the summer, and if selected, we will take these aspects into account. We cannot guarantee, however, that you will be placed in the office that is your first choice.

Will I have to provide my own accomodation for the summer?

Yes—ultimately, Fellows will be responsible for finding their own accommodation for the summer. However, we will help as much as we can to provide recommendations for summer accommodation. Also, we do offer limited need-based housing stipends for those who are experiencing financial hardship.

What hours will I work?

We require Fellows to work 30 hours per week. Our offices are generally open 9am to 5pm, so Fellows can expect to work within those hours each day.

Can I get college credit for the Fellowship?

Certainly, if your academic institution permits it. We are willing to write letters and fill out evaluations where necessary.

Who is Hilliard P. Jenkins?

Hilliard P. Jenkins was a farmer, philanthropist, and civic leader who lived in Alabama from 1922 to 1992. Why would we name our summer fellowship after a farmer?  To learn more, read about Hilliard P. Jenkins here.

What is a typical day like for an HPJ Fellow?

There is no single, formulaic day for an HPJ Fellow. Some days are spent entirely in the office and could include independent research for a client-based or internal project, staff or team conference calls, one-on-one meetings with direct supervisors, and completing various operational tasks.  Other days will include an off-site meeting with a client for project work or with a Frontline affiliate for a professional development discussion. While Fellows are traveling, they often have time between meetings to get independent work done or to explore the area they have traveled to.

Did not find the answers?

Direct all inquiries to hpjfellowship@frontlinesol.com. Students of color are encouraged to apply.