HPJ Fellow Spotlight: Seth Rose

The Hilliard P. Jenkins Fellowship (HPJ Fellowship) is a summer program that allows undergraduate students to take part in the work and efforts of Frontline Solutions. For this "Where are they now?" series, past Fellows look back on their summer experience and share what they have been up to since their time as a Fellow.

HPJ Fellowship Spotlight: Alayah Glenn

Alayah Glenn is a recent graduate of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill where she majored in Public Policy and African American Diaspora Studies.


This post, written by Janelle Harris, first appeared on Philanthropy New’s Digest’s PhilanTopic blog. PND and PhilanTopic are services of the Foundation Center. Under Construction is a multimedia online exhibit …

When Data Makes the Difference

“Change only happens when you have a place at the table. And to have a place at the table, you need the evidence and the tools to make the case, to bring visibility to the invisible issues in our community.”