Social change efforts require thoughtful inquiry at every stage. How do we define a field and what are its best practices? What knowledge gaps need to be filled? Who are the stakeholders, community leaders, and experts necessary to engage in the process?

We pose all these kinds of questions in our work and utilize our core areas of expertise to come up with the right answers. Our staff members are highly knowledgeable and come from a variety of different fields, and we specialize as some of the best out there when it comes to:

  • Understanding how race, gender, place, class and other identity and demographic factors intersect and affect opportunity.
  • Best practices in field-building and stakeholder management within the social sector.
  • Knowledge of the landscape, trends, and effective strategies in philanthropy.
  • Leadership development concepts and approaches for community, institutional, academic and field settings.
  • Supporting grassroots organizations doing amazing work in the most vulnerable communities.

Frontline served as trusted advisers and facilitators for the School District of Philadelphia’s school turnaround work across the city. Their ability to foster collaboration among district administrators, teachers, parents, and community members was an invaluable asset to our team.

Thomas Darden, School District of Philadelphia