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Hilliard P. Jenkins

The HPJ Fellowship.

The HPJ Fellowship is a fully funded ten week summer residency for emerging leaders under 25.

Frontline Solutions hires emerging leaders interested in the intersection of social justice, entrepreneurship, and consulting in the nonprofit sector. Undergraduate and graduate students, community organizers, artists, entrepreneurs, and non-profit professionals are encouraged to apply. We are seeking a diverse cohort, and are particularly seeking Asian, South Asian, Pacific Islander, Native American, Latinx, and Black applicants. The program is structured as a 10-week summer paid fellowship with supplemental professional development opportunities. HPJ Fellows will be placed at Frontline’s offices in Washington, DC and Baltimore, MD. Fellows will receive introductions to organizations around the country, and will also work on a variety of high impact projects.

Are you Ready?

Frontline is looking for candidates with the following attributes.

  • Mission-driven passion for work and deep ties in communities of color
  • Strong analysis of racial and gender justice
  • High level of independence and efficiency; entrepreneurial mindset
  • Internal and external resourcefulness when problem solving
  • Ability to process and synthesize information quickly
  • Clear written and verbal communication skills
  • Ability to tolerate ambiguity and create clarity as projects progress
  • Curiosity and readiness to learn