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Louisiana Power Coalition


The Power Coalition is a statewide civic engagement table in Louisiana that shifts power back to the people, fights policies that hurt the state’s families, and increases voter participation by building support structures for community activism. In 2017, Frontline Solutions and the Power Coalition co-authored the Louisiana Policy Guide for Equity and Opportunity–a toolkit to empower everyday citizens to advocate for themselves and the issues that they care about. Also aimed at nonprofit advocates and lawmakers, the guide lifts up state and municipal policies in the areas of Criminal and Juvenile Justice, Economic Opportunity and Work, and Civic Engagement from an equity and opportunity lens. Each section of the guide includes contextual factors that illuminate the unique conditions of that issue area in Louisiana, key policies that the Power Coalition members have fought to pass or kill, and the Power Coalition’s ideas for how the state could move forward with progressive policies. Case studies illustrate the approaches that advocacy groups have taken to fight inequitable policies–including filing court cases, making political alliances, and providing direct services. Designed to encourage grassroots activism, the guide provides resources and contact information for getting involved with Power Coalition members, contacting representatives, and voting. View Report